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Spokane Forklift offers two new forklift brands, both under the umbrella of KION North America. The first, Linde, is the global leader in forklift technology and manufacturing. Linde’s allow customers to tackle jobs that other forklifts cannot accomplish in a timely or economical manner. Linde holds the title of the lowest total cost of ownership forklift and is the only premium forklift in the industry. Linde offers powertrain warranties up to 5 years/ 10,000 hours, which leads the global forklift market. Baoli is KION’s economy forklift brand. Baoli offers more features, and more standard options than any other economy forklift, which includes Toyota, Hyster, Unicarriers, MCFA (Mitsubishi and Caterpillar), Komatsu, Doosan, and a list of other Asian forklift brands. Baoli has chosen industry leaders for their powertrains & componentry, like Nissan, Mitsubishi, Kohler, SME, IMPCO, and Solideal . Baoli offers a 1 year, unlimited hour warranty and a 2 year/ 4000 hour powertrain warranty, which is common in the economy forklift market. Baoli has also managed to incorporate many of Linde’s patented designs on their forklifts, while keeping prices thousands less than the competition, making Baoli the logical choice for an economy forklift. You can find more information on a particular forklift available in either brand or enter a new equipment request form by clicking the respective icons below. Our current new inventory is listed below.

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