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Superior lift in the forklift market
Linde research and development
Unrivaled productivity and unbeatable value
Linde SpeedAssist
Linde Dynamic Mast Control
Linde BlueSpot
Crash Detection
Minimize fuel consumption
Steer axle rebuild
Add value to your bottom line
A milestone in the US

Linde Spec Overview

Linde is the superior lift in the forklift market. Linde research and development investment surpasses the combined investment of all other forklift providers; Linde engineers and builds forklifts from the ground up, while others assemble a commodity product chosen from a small window of options. Linde’s forward thought equals unrivaled productivity and unbeatable value for our customers. The soul of the Linde forklift sits in the variable displacement hydraulic pump (VDHP), which transforms mechanical power from the engine into hydraulic power at each of the drive wheels. Linde also holds the title of the lowest total cost of ownership forklift in the industry. Linde’s provide unmatched performance & safety(Linde SpeedAssist, Linde Dynamic Mast Control, Linde BlueSpot, Crash Detection),minimize fuel consumption and “waste oil and filters, extend service intervals and tire wear, eliminate costly brake jobs and steer axle rebuilds, optimize operator comfort and precision, and ultimately a Linde will add value to your bottom line with the least amount of downtime.

Below you will find Class 1- 5 Linde forklift spec sheets and brochures. There are also clickable links throughout this page, which use YouTube video’s to detail features of the Linde products. We are available by phone; just dial Tyler @ (509)496-4918.

Kion North America gets going: A milestone in the US (Bringing jobs to the USA)
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Linde vs. Toyota

Linde vs. Toyota mast deflection. Linde’s are the only forklift built to have zero mast deflection. Safety is a priority at Linde.

Linde Spec Sheets

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346 Series- 48V 3,500-4,000# Electric Forklift (SE tires)
387 Series (Premium)- 80V 4,500-7,000# Electric Forklift (SE tires)
388 Series (Premium)- 80V 7,500-11,000# Electric Forklift (SE tires)
RX60 Series (Economy) - 80V 5,000-6,000# Electric Forklift (CSE Tires)
RX60 Series (Economy) - 80V 5,000-7,000# Electric Forklift (SE Tires)
RX60 Series (Economy) - 80V 8,000-11,000# Electric Forklift (SE Tires)
1276 Series- 80V 5,000-7,000


115-12 AC Series- 48V 3,000-4,000# Electric Mobile Mast Reach Trucks
1110 Series- 24V 1,500-2,200# Electric 1st & 2nd Level Order Pickers
5021 Series- 24V 2,200# Electric Medium Level Order Picker


1101 Series
1101 Series- 24V 6,000-8,000# Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks
1102 Series
1102 Series- 24V 6,000-8,000# Electric Center Ride Pallet Trucks
1151 Series
1151 Series- 24V 4,400# Electric Pallet Truck
1169 Series
1169 Series- 24V 2,000-3,000# Electric Walkie-Straddle Trucks


391 Series
391 Series- 3,000-4,500# Cushion Tire LPG Forklift Trucks
1313 Series
1313 Series- 5,000-6,500# Cushion Tire LPG Forklift Trucks


391 Series
391 Series- 3,000-4,500# Solid Pneumatic Tire LPG Forklift Truck
393-02 Series-5,500-7,000# Solid Pneumatic LPG & Diesel Forklift Trucks
394-02 Series-8,000-11,000# Solid Pneumatic LPG & Diesel Forklift Trucks
Series 396D
396-03 Series-13,000-17,500# Solid Pneumatic Diesel Forklift Trucks
Series 396T
396-03 Series-13,000-17,500# Solid Pneumatic LPG Forklift Trucks
1401 Series
1401 Series (Premium)- 22,000-40,000# Solid Pneumatic Diesel Forklift Trucks
1401 Series
1411 Series (Economy)- 22,000-40,000# Solid Pneumatic Diesel Forklift Trucks
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